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PiLc is a location sharing platform which leverages strong end-to-end encryption techniques so you don't share your sensitive data with anyone you didn't choose.

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Everyone's worried about privacy online, and with good reason. Everything we do on the Internet is leaving a cybertrail that can be tracked, collected, collated, analysed, shared, sold and stolen by big advertising companies and government agencies.

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One of our goals was to provide a simple and straightforward user interface that hides effectively all the complex operations needed to establish cryptographically secure communication channels. PiLc doesn't bother you with the technical stuff.

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If you would prefer not to install PiLc from an app store, we provide direct downloads of our app's latest versions with sha1sum hashes so you can verify the integrity of the downloaded files. The latest available version is PiLc 2.1 for Android.

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